Project goals

MOTIV-e AR Toolkit

enables to produce AR-based materials that can be then used on any device with video camera, Internet browser and Internet access, and all this with no programming skills required. AR-based materials will enable to provide components like sound, static image, multimedia element, label, simple step-by-step list in the context of the
objects observed via the camera – the ‘visual’ components are superimposed on the object observed and the ‘voice’ components are played at the object.

VR Centre
MOTIV-e VR Centres

environment for development and use of VR-based training materials at each partner’s facility.

360 Panoramas
MOTIV-e 360 Panoramas Toolkit

enables to produce 360 panoramas with superimposed informative components, and interactive elements (tasks, activities). Sample panoramas produced with the Toolkit will be provided. Integration of this tool in teaching will be covered by materials on the MOTIV-e Platform.

MOTIV-e Software Sandboxes

is a set of ready-to-use installations of ICT tools that can be used for learning how to use them and to get to know what opportunities they give. Although it is a specially prepared installation of a given tool it looks and works the same as a fully operational one. A teacher doesn’t have to involve e.g. a school IT specialist for help (e.g. creation of an account with assigned authorities), and can use the tool without fear of making errors, causing problems as it would be in case of using the tool being used in
school’s teaching process.

MOTIV-e Advisor

a tool that support a user to select most appropriate materials and solutions from the listed above, i.e. particular materials within MOTIV-e Platform and
software solutions along with direct access to them. A number of users’ needs, problems, situations related with integration of ICT in teaching will be covered by the tool.
The users – who are busy, have individual level of ICT abilities and varied needs and plans regarding integration of ICT in their teaching – will obtain possibility to optimize their efforts in self-development in providing ICT-enhanced teaching.

Knowledge Pills
MOTIV-e Knowledge Pills

a small unit of knowledge shown in a simple form that can be used just-in-time. The knowledge pills methodology assumes the use of short multimedia instructions (graphical and textual information) presenting – in an easy to understand and follow way – how to perform a given activity or procedure. In this section, you will find the repository of Knowledge Pills presented in a form of PDF documents, which can be accessed online, you can download them or simply print.