In the MOTIV-e project we will develop materials and tools for VET teachers who wish to acquire or improve their skills in use of Information and Communication Technologies for teaching. We will take into account:

  • all the main modes of teaching (classroom, online, blended)
  • differentiated levels of current ICT competencies of teachers
  • varied ICT solutions applicable for teaching, including these that now might be (mistakenly!) considered as being beyond capabilities of VET teachers and VET units (schools, centres), like AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).


To encourage VET teachers and help them to develop their abilities to integrate a variety of ICT solutions in their teaching.

Additionally, each project partner will develop their own VR Centre and share related knowledge and experiences in the training materials produced in the project.


Effective vocational E&T (education and training) meets needs of both students and companies. Integration of ICT in teaching is necessary for that, because:

it enables to provide blended and online teaching and thus increases accessibility and attractiveness of VET,
• it offers wide possibilities to develop and share training materials that match varied students’ possibilities, limitations and preferences, which applies also to traditional, classroom learning,
• use of ICT during education makes students familiar with ICT hardware and software at least at basic level (giving good grounds for their developments), which is particular important because apprentices and employees have to have ICT skills, varying from basic to specialist ones, depending on the job,
• use of ICT-based training materials and online courses is often for teachers the only possibility for self-development as an educator.

But in spite of accessibility and affordability of ICT hardware and software applicable for teaching, its use in VET is relatively low, taking into account variety of ICT and possibilities it gives.